MEDIA - AO2004-05

The Abita Springs Opry is a series of music concerts held six times a year and is produced by a nonprofit organization, Abita Opry Inc. The show has the mission of preserving and presenting Louisiana "Roots" music. Our music is played primarily acoustically, in its original form.

Our main thrust is old-time Country, Bluegrass, and traditional Southern Gospel music, but we often present other forms of traditional Louisiana music such as Cajun, Zydeco, Irish, or other types that reflect the many different groups of people who are part of our diverse culture.

Abita Strings

This home town bluegrass ensemble is one of the Opry's "House Band". Setting the pace for every show, the Abita Strings have taken Traditional to another level.


Jerry Hess - This performance features one of the best known guitar pickers in the area, Mr Jerry Hess.

Jerry has performed at the Opry a number of times. He will be presenting various guitar finger picking styles with accompanying vocals. Jerry is a virtuoso on the guitar and always is a treat for his audiences.

Harold's Corner and Peggy Forman


E. L. James and Johnny Pappas

Lee Quick and Gina Foresythe - Classical musician by day and secret songwriter at night (don't tell anyone), Lee is a genuine performer, a skilled guitarist, and able to deliver both intensity and nuance in her live shows. In short: she sounds good, plays good, and looks good doing it.

Lee's songs show many eclectic influences, from The Beatles to Elvis Costello to Lucinda Williams to Johnny Cash. She writes all her own music and lyrics unless someone hands her a half-finished good idea, in which case she will make it great and claim most of the credit. Her biggest inspiration is a looming deadline.

In this performance, she is accompanied by Gina Foresythe.