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Our performances are always on the third Saturdays in the Spring and Fall in the months of March, April, and May, September, October, November. The show is from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

March 18, 2017

The Steve Anderson Group: Traditional classic Country music. We all know Steve. He has been the leader of his house band for several seasons and has a lot of fans. Steve sings and plays in the style of some of Country music’s greats including Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers and others who are all noted for that classic “honky tonk” style.

The Driskill Mountain Boys: Bluegrass music has always been a part of the opry all the way back to our predecessor show, the piney Woods Opry. This group has been here from the early days, and is some of the most well-known bluegrass musicians around. They are very entertaining. They play with ease, style and know how to please the audience.

The Old Scratch Sallies: They are newcomers to our stage, and they are members of the New Orleans Busking community. Every single performance by the buskers has been more than well-received by the opry audience. This group performs that hard-driving energetic form of string music and vocals often referred to as “jug band” music. We are looking forward to these newcomers to our stage.

The Melitauns: This is another group of newcomers to out stage. Actually, members of this band have appeared here as members of jazz groups. They will bring that great uniquely New Orleans area rhythm and blues and “swamp pop” music. They are examples of the great versatility of area musicians. Many local musicians have been exposed to and perform a variety of our great music styles including Jazz Country, rhythm and blues and others.

April 22, 2017

Three Rivers Cooperative: There is no telling what the band leader, Chris Talley, will bring to the Opry stage. Chris is a very talented musician, and he knows and performs with a number of other talented musicians. His offerings have included country, bluegrass, western swing and a few other genres thrown in. What we know for sure is that it will be very well presented and an example of great musicianship.

Crossing Canal: This duo has performed twice on our front porch before the show. They deliver a very smooth and enjoyable folk style. They are both very talented and are popular in the New Orleans club scene and among the family of musicians in the city.

Crazy Whiskey: Another group of newcomers to the Abita Opry. They have been playing around New Orleans, and produce a very unique Country sound. Not many people think of New Orleans as being a Country music haven, but it has a long list of performers who bring the country twang to the Big Easy. This group will be a treat for our audience.

The Loose Marbles: New Orleans is where Jazz took root, and this group like many others continues the tradition of that great sound. The Loose Marbles is a very accomplished group of musicians, and they were one of the initial groups who began “busking’ on the streets of the French Quarter. They have appeared at the Opry previously and well received by our audience, and will provide a strong close out for this show.

May 20, 2017

Last Chance Bluegrass Band: One of our regular house bands, the Last Chance performs straight out bluegrass. Eddie Arnold is a fine banjo picker, and has surrounded himself with other fine bluegrass musicians. They have proven to be a mainstay at the Opry, and provide the energy necessary to start the show and set the bar for the other acts.

Kass and Friends: Cassie Krebs is one of the strongest musicians and vocalists in this area. She is highly accomplished and possesses a very strong and unique vocal style. She performs regularly on the North Shore, and has been on our stage previously. She is very versatile and performs a variety of styles of music. Her familiarity with our show will be the catalyst for her bringing a great fit for the show.

The Magnolia Sisters: Ann Savoy is a member of one of the leading Cajun musical groups in Louisiana, the Savoy Family Band. She and her husband, Mark Savoy are highly accomplished musicians, but Ann has earned her own fame recording with musicians including Linda Ronstadt. She has also organized an all-female group of Cajun Musicians. It has been a long time since her last appearance, and we are happy The Magnolia Sisters can provide some of that good ‘ol uniquely Louisiana Cajun music.

The Zion Harmonizers:
These guys are always a favorite of the Opry stage. They are one of the most noteworthy Gospel music groups in existence. They have performed extensively, and under the leadership of the late Sherman Washington initiated the Gospel Music Tent at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. They have been in existence for over seventy five years, and continue to delight audiences with their harmonious, spirit-filled, and high energy gospel music that makes it hard for the audience to stay in their seats. They are always a great group to close out the season.


We hope you will come and be part of the Abita Springs Opry experience. To sit and hear great traditional styles of music drawn from our diverse and wonderful musical heritage is more than a treat. Don’t forget, we always have great food available. Gumbo, hot dogs, homemade baked treats, and beverages prepared by local charitable organization provide great lagniappe.

The hundred-plus year old Abita Town Hall is the perfect setting for our show. The wooden building provides a warm and fitting venue for the music heard there. It also provides great acoustics, and our production crew headed by Kent Birkle assisted by Rob Bentley, Kenny Delbert, and Monique Coincoin do an outstanding job of filling the hall with perfect sound.

at the Abita Trailhead

This is turning into one of the best festivals around. It is now in its seventh year and continues to grow in popularity. We are very proud to be partnering with the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation is putting on this very unique event. For the past two years we have been live streamed by the crew from WWOZ radio. We have been more than flattered by their presence as WWOZ promotes Louisiana music and is also part of the Jazz Fest. The event is on April 23 from 11:30-7:00 PM. The Opry is responsible for all the music and the Abita Springs Museum Committee organizes the food, crafts booths, and festival management. Our crowd is growing as word spreads about this festival. It is unique, and the music is powerful. Bring your lawn chairs, and don’t forget your dancing shoes. We are proud of this event, and it satisfies our mission of “the preservation and presentation of Louisiana Roots music.”

Jackson and the Janks: A group of newcomers to the Busker festival. They will bring the variety music style commonly known as “Americana” which includes a variety of songs played acoustically with vocals. It can be compared to country with some blues thrown in. It is sometimes hard to pin down as a specific genre, but always entertaining.

The Gentilly Stompers:
Another one of the great traditional Jazz bands in New Orleans. Traditional Jazz has been adopted by many of the young people who have gravitated to the New Orleans music scene. They represent the next generation of performers who are keeping that wonderful tradition alive. This group is highly talented and has been performing around the Big Easy. They possess that strong drive and energy that captivates the listeners. We are looking forward to their performance.

The Wasted lives: The leader of this group, Matt Bell is most gifted and versatile musicians currently in New Orleans. He can be frequently seen in other groups playing Jazz and other forms of music. He heads up three configurations besides the Wasted Lives. His other groups are the Bad Pennies Pleasure Makers, and the Western Sweethearts. He is always accompanied in those groups by the love of his life, Joy Patterson. If you look up the word “sweet” in the dictionary, there is a picture of Joy. She has been an invaluable asset in organizing this festival. The Wasted lives is a pure “honky tonk” Country band and a real treat to hear.

Shake em Up Jazz Band: This group energized the Abita Springs opry stage. We have had more compliments about their performance that any of the other groups we had this past Fall. It is comprised of all females, and their musical talent is powerful. This band is comprised of musicians who perform in other groups, but that is very common among Jazz musicians in New Orleans. You do not want to miss this performance. If you like New Orleans Jazz, you will love the Shake em Up Jazz Band.

The Hokum High Rollers: Jug band music is a very entertaining style that is an audience pleaser. The opry audience always responds to the jug bands. It is bluesey, very rhythmic, and catchy. It is hard to sit down while it is being played. If you want a preview, most of our musicians can be seen on YouTube. This group will be a lot of fun to listen to.

Tuba Skinny: This is our perennial close out act for every Busker Festival. They were the first group of Buskers who we invited to perform at the Opry. It has been a pleasure watching their progress. They have grown in fame and popularity and we developed the first Busker Festival around them. They introduced us to the drive, superior musicianship, and adherence to tradition among the busking community in New Orleans. We are proud to have them close out our festival. And we would be proud for you to come and be our guests for some of the best music you will hear.



Hello Opry fans, We are ready to kick off a brand new season of our beloved Abita Springs Opry. We will soon be enjoying that great Louisiana roots music. We are now in our 28th season and proud to be going strong. Our music committee works hard to provide you with great shows. This season, we will have some new acts, and others that have proven to be crowd pleasers in the past.

As I stand by the door at the conclusion of each show, I like to get feedback from the audience. Often, our fans will comment on specific performers or the type of music that was heard at the show. Audience demand for particular performers is an important determiner in who we invite to play on our stage. We invite you to comment and make requests. This can be done on our home page, or our Facebook page.

Let us know what you like, who you want back, and you won’t hurt our feelings if you did not care for a particular act. You are very important to us. We love our audience, and want you to leave our Town Hall having enjoyed your selves and want to come back.

Through the years, some members of our audience have become regulars, sitting in the same seats season after season. It is always nice to see the faces of our audience members who have become our friends. We want your Opry experience to be “down home” in a family-like atmosphere.

Many of our musicians comment on what a great audience we have at the Opry. In and around the New Orleans area, great music is commonplace, and we are flattered that our audience remains loyal, and it remains our goal to “Preserve and Present Louisiana Roots music.”

Get your tickets

If you want to get a big serving of our musical gumbo, tickets are presently on sale. We offer season packages as well as single show tickets. The season ticket holders from the previous season get first dibs, but as of August 1, they are sold on a first-come-first served basis. By the day before the show, we are usually close to selling out. We are always trying to make sure that we have as many seats as possible, and very seldom turn away folks who show up the night of the show.

If you happen to make a last minute decision to come to the Opry, The worst case scenario is the big screen closed circuit TV on our front porch. We also have outside seating available. Also keep in mind, that we have a live act on the front porch for an hour or so before the show.

For ticket information, please contact Kathy Armand at 985-892-0711. All tickets are $18. We have not raised our prices for several years, and intend to keep them at that price. Please keep in mind that the choicest seats go first. Nothing pains us more than to turn folks away because of a sell-out. We always try to find a way to get people in.

The Petty Bones
The Petty Bones

Zion Harmonizers
The Zion Harmonizers

We believe this is another season of great traditional music. Please remember that we sell tickets on a first-come-first served basis. All seats are $18.00. We have not raised our prices for several years, and have no plans to do so any time soon. To purchase tickets call Kathy at 985-892-2342 or drop by the Abita Springs Town Hall during working hours.

Y'all Come! See you at the Opry

Anytime Access to the Opry

We always want to remind our fans that most of our past performances are online and can be enjoyed anytime on your computer. All you have to do is visit our home page at www.abitaopry.org. Locate the words;


click on it and the listing of downloaded shows will appear on your screen. From there, you can scroll to any show or pick out any particular act that may appeal to you and enjoy.

We provide the web service and cover the cost of video taping and provide the shows to St Tammany Parish Government access TV channel 10 and Southeastern Louisiana University, channel 18. The channels mentioned are available to Charter Cable TV subscribers in several surrounding parishes.


Our mission to "Preserve and Present Louisiana Roots Music" is taken seriously. Making the Abita Springs Opry available to as many people as possible is a way of fulfilling our mission and gives that much more exposure to these great musicians. We have a valuable musical cultural tradition, and it is worth keeping alive.

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