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Our performances are always on the third Saturdays in the Spring and Fall in the months of March, April, and May, September, October, November. The show is from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

September 16, 2017

The Steve Anderson Group: The popular Steve Anderson always opens up the Opry season. He is a local favorite and can belt out those old Country classics as well as anyone.

Coobie Joe Cajun Band: This group performed recently at one of our monthly Cajun dances at the Town Hall, and their genuine traditional style belongs on our stage, solid young musicians maintaining a great Louisiana tradition.

Julio and Caesar: These two very popular local musicians are outstanding performers presenting Hispanic music. Their singing, engaging personalities, and remarkable musicianship are real audience pleasers. They are making a return trip to the opry and brought the house down last time they were here.

King James and the Special Men: If you want to hear New Orleans style Rhythm and Blues played the way it is supposed to be played, you will not want to miss these guys. Many of us grew up hearing that very unique New Orleans sound, and it has survived the measure of what makes something classic, the test of time. The inclusion of a great horn section adds to the richness of their music.

October 21, 2017

Chris Talley Band: Chris has proven to be a hit as the leader of one of our house acts. We are never quite sure of what Chris will bring to the Opry stage. He has performed Bluegrass, Country and Western Swing, and has done it all to perfection. Besides being remarkably talented himself, he know a lot of very talented musicians who assist him in performing the sets.

The Trustys from Davo Crossing: If you are wondering, Davo Crossing is a community in Mississippi. It’s close enough for these talented musicians to journey to Abita Springs to reappear on our stage. They perform a very smooth style of traditional music. They will be joined in their set with Robby Lavigne, who has been missed as a performer here.

Ric Robertson Band: If you love country music, you love what is known as Honky Tonk Country. You know, those crying in the beer, lost love songs that is one of the mainstays of Country music. This group comes here from New Orleans. While we associate New Orleans with Jazz and Rhythm and Blues, there is a very vibrant Country music scene in that great musical city. We are looking forward to hearing these newcomers to the Abita Opry stage.

The Gentilly Stompers: Our audience has shown a fondness for traditional New Orleans Jazz. The Gentilly Stompers were a big hit at the Abita Springs Busker Festival last spring and we welcome them to our show. They perform this great music style with a lot of energy, and they are another one of the groups of young people who have contributed to the resurgence of our wonderful traditional musical heritage in New Orleans. We feel that giving opportunities to young musicians who are performing traditional music will keep those styles alive. That’s what we do.

November 18, 2017

Last Chance Bluegrass Band: Following a hiatus from our stage, Last Chance is being given one more chance, and we hope it is not their last chance. (Please forgive the corny play on words. Just can’t help myself sometimes.) This is pure traditional Bluegrass, and high energy. We welcome them back and we know they will be back in form.

Pat and Benita Murphy: It has been a long time since these talented people have been on our stage. They were principal members of the former Delta Reign. After having taken a musical sabbatical, they are back performing as a duet. Delta Reign took Bluegrass to another level and drifted beyond the traditional style. We are sure these two remarkable musicians and very nice people will provide our audience with a real musical treat.

Choupique Cajun Band: For those who don’t know proper Louisiana pronunciation, it’s pronounced shoo pick, and, for the life of me, I don’t understand why spellcheck does not recognize a perfectly good word like choupique. At any rate Jesse Brown and his family have appeared on our stage previously, but, recently at the Abita Cajun Dance, they included their teenage son, Beau on fiddle. He did a remarkable job and we decided to have them back so he could perform with them at the Opry. When a young boy plays the Cajun fiddle and is learning to sing in Frence, he needs encouragement. We understand his sister will also play fiddle with them.

The Tradstars:
This is yet another group of young New Orleans musicians who are performing and keeping alive one of the greatest musical forms in existence, New Orleans Jazz. Jazz was born in New Orleans and never gets too old to enjoy. That’s what makes music classic, the test of time. This is the first appearance for them on our stage and we are looking forward to hearing them. They are joining the very rich pool of musicians that we are blessed with in this area. We always need to remember the great musical treasure we have here and the Abita Springs Opry is thrilled to encourage and present it.


We hope you will come and be part of the Abita Springs Opry experience. To sit and hear great traditional styles of music drawn from our diverse and wonderful musical heritage is more than a treat. Don’t forget, we always have great food available. Gumbo, hot dogs, homemade baked treats, and beverages prepared by local charitable organization provide great lagniappe.

The hundred-plus year old Abita Town Hall is the perfect setting for our show. The wooden building provides a warm and fitting venue for the music heard there. It also provides great acoustics, and our production crew headed by Kent Birkle assisted by Rob Bentley, Kenny Delbert, and Monique Coincoin do an outstanding job of filling the hall with perfect sound.

We believe this is another season of great traditional music. Please remember that we sell tickets on a first-come-first served basis. All seats are $18.00. We have not raised our prices for several years, and have no plans to do so any time soon. To purchase tickets call Kathy at 985-892-2342 or drop by the Abita Springs Town Hall during working hours.

Y'all Come! See you at the Opry

Anytime Access to the Opry

We always want to remind our fans that most of our past performances are online and can be enjoyed anytime on your computer. All you have to do is visit our home page at www.abitaopry.org. Locate the words;


click on it and the listing of downloaded shows will appear on your screen. From there, you can scroll to any show or pick out any particular act that may appeal to you and enjoy.

We provide the web service and cover the cost of video taping and provide the shows to St Tammany Parish Government access TV channel 10 and Southeastern Louisiana University, channel 18. The channels mentioned are available to Charter Cable TV subscribers in several surrounding parishes.


Hello Opry fans, We are ready to kick off a brand new season of our beloved Abita Springs Opry. We will soon be enjoying that great Louisiana roots music. We are now in our 28th season and proud to be going strong. Our music committee works hard to provide you with great shows. This season, we will have some new acts, and others that have proven to be crowd pleasers in the past.

As I stand by the door at the conclusion of each show, I like to get feedback from the audience. Often, our fans will comment on specific performers or the type of music that was heard at the show. Audience demand for particular performers is an important determiner in who we invite to play on our stage. We invite you to comment and make requests. This can be done on our home page, or our Facebook page.

Let us know what you like, who you want back, and you won’t hurt our feelings if you did not care for a particular act. You are very important to us. We love our audience, and want you to leave our Town Hall having enjoyed your selves and want to come back.

Through the years, some members of our audience have become regulars, sitting in the same seats season after season. It is always nice to see the faces of our audience members who have become our friends. We want your Opry experience to be “down home” in a family-like atmosphere.

Many of our musicians comment on what a great audience we have at the Opry. In and around the New Orleans area, great music is commonplace, and we are flattered that our audience remains loyal, and it remains our goal to “Preserve and Present Louisiana Roots music.”

Get your tickets

If you want to get a big serving of our musical gumbo, tickets are presently on sale. We offer season packages as well as single show tickets. The season ticket holders from the previous season get first dibs, but as of August 1, they are sold on a first-come-first served basis. By the day before the show, we are usually close to selling out. We are always trying to make sure that we have as many seats as possible, and very seldom turn away folks who show up the night of the show.

If you happen to make a last minute decision to come to the Opry, The worst case scenario is the big screen closed circuit TV on our front porch. We also have outside seating available. Also keep in mind, that we have a live act on the front porch for an hour or so before the show.

For ticket information, please contact Kathy Armand at 985-892-0711. All tickets are $18. We have not raised our prices for several years, and intend to keep them at that price. Please keep in mind that the choicest seats go first. Nothing pains us more than to turn folks away because of a sell-out. We always try to find a way to get people in.

The Petty Bones
The Petty Bones

Zion Harmonizers
The Zion Harmonizers


Our mission to "Preserve and Present Louisiana Roots Music" is taken seriously. Making the Abita Springs Opry available to as many people as possible is a way of fulfilling our mission and gives that much more exposure to these great musicians. We have a valuable musical cultural tradition, and it is worth keeping alive.

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