MEDIA - AO2017-11

The Abita Springs Opry is a series of music concerts held six times a year and is produced by a nonprofit organization, Abita Opry Inc. The show has the mission of preserving and presenting Louisiana "Roots" music. Our music is played primarily acoustically, in its original form.

Our main thrust is old-time Country, Bluegrass, and traditional Southern Gospel music, but we often present other forms of traditional Louisiana music such as Cajun, Zydeco, Irish, or other types that reflect the many different groups of people who are part of our diverse culture.

The Last Chance Bluegrass Band
Following a hiatus from our stage, Last Chance is being given one more chance, and we hope it is not their last chance. (Please forgive the corny play on words. Just can’t help myself sometimes.) This is pure traditional Bluegrass, and high energy. We welcome them back and we know they will be back in form.

Pat and Benita Murphy
It has been a long time since these talented people have been on our stage. They were principal members of the former Delta Reign. After having taken a musical sabbatical, they are back performing as a duet. Delta Reign took Bluegrass to another level and drifted beyond the traditional style. We are sure these two remarkable musicians and very nice people will provide our audience with a real musical treat.

Choupique Cajun Band
For those who don’t know proper Louisiana pronunciation, it’s pronounced shoo pick, and, for the life of me, I don’t understand why spellcheck does not recognize a perfectly good word like choupique. At any rate Jesse Brown and his family have appeared on our stage previously, but, recently at the Abita Cajun Dance, they included their teenage son, Beau on fiddle. He did a remarkable job and we decided to have them back so he could perform with them at the Opry. When a young boy plays the Cajun fiddle and is learning to sing in French, he needs encouragement. We understand his sister will also play fiddle with them.

The Tradstars
This is yet another group of young New Orleans musicians who are performing and keeping alive one of the greatest musical forms in existence, New Orleans Jazz. Jazz was born in New Orleans and never gets too old to enjoy. That’s what makes music classic, the test of time. This is the first appearance for them on our stage and we are looking forward to hearing them. They are joining the very rich pool of musicians that we are blessed with in this area. We always need to remember the great musical treasure we have here and the Abita Springs Opry is thrilled to encourage and present it.