MEDIA - AO2007-03

The Abita Springs Opry is a series of music concerts held six times a year and is produced by a nonprofit organization, Abita Opry Inc. The show has the mission of preserving and presenting Louisiana "Roots" music. Our music is played primarily acoustically, in its original form.

Our main thrust is old-time Country, Bluegrass, and traditional Southern Gospel music, but we often present other forms of traditional Louisiana music such as Cajun, Zydeco, Irish, or other types that reflect the many different groups of people who are part of our diverse culture.

Abita Strings

This home town bluegrass ensemble is one of the Opry's "House Band". Setting the pace for every show, the Abita Strings have taken Traditional to another level.

Rocky Mountain Rhythm Bums

Hailing from 10,000 feet above sea level, the Rocky Mountain Rhythm Bums blend American roots music. Styles such as the Blues, Country, Americana, and Irish Drinking Tunes mix into the genre they created called Rocky Mountain Music.

The Reason for so many diverse genres wrapped into one? Like the Rocky Mountains that stretch from border to border of our country, so do their styles of music. In order to accurately call what they perform "Rocky Mountain Music", they had to blend the styles to stay true to the name.

Jim Hogg and the Boys

Check out one of the most unique, creative musicians / radio personalities you may have ever heard!

If you want old time heaven sent gospel, Jim will knock your socks off with tight harmony, hot picking and wholesome ministry that will revive your soul ---perfect for churches, festivals and outreach gatherings.

Jim has a very unique gift of mixing gospel music with a short story after some songs, and are, quite honestly, some of the most creative, gifted, deliveries of a ministry we have ever encountered.

The Zion Harmonizers

The Zion Harmonizers trace their origins to 1939 and feature an uncommonly resilient tradition of harmony - beautiful, spirit lifting, four-part harmony. That is why it is such a pleasure to discover a group like the Zion Harmonizers. True to their name, they still harmonize, and they still cling to the optimistic notion that harmony in song can bring out harmony in mankind.
Their arrangements of familiar hymns like "When the Saints Go Marching In" and " Down By The Riverside" are thoroughly original and up-to-date. But, they never forsake their harmony for form or fashion, and their musical accompaniment, though very exciting, is never overbearing.